Monday, February 20, 2017

Celebrating Their 65 Years Together

What a privilege it was to celebrate my grandparent's 65th wedding anniversary. Gramma was 19 and Grandad was 24 when they said their vows to each other on January 1, 1952. I know that no one has a perfectly smooth life so I know that they had hard times where they relied on their commitment to each other, not their feelings of mushy love, to carry them through. I'm so glad they remained faithful to marriage. Jeremy told our children that after any couple reaches their 65th anniversary, the children may say "happy anniversary" to them every time they see them. I think his meaning was that at this point each day is a sweet gift that should be lived in the present and savored.
I have an talented friend who took the picture I gave her and designed this keepsake.
I also have a talented sister who designed the tablescape. We had an afternoon dessert drop in for friends and family. The menu was totally designed for my Gramma: banana splits, cupcakes, candy bowls, brownies and punch. Unfortunately, her stomach was just a bit off and she didn't eat a single thing. =( I did talk to her today, though, and she has sampled both of the cupcake flavors and approved.

Andes mint cupcakes and vanilla with raspberry icing. Amazing! One of our acquaintances bakes to raise funds for their upcoming adoption from China. It was great to support her family and enjoy her baking.
I put together a slideshow of pictures that we had looping on the television screen. I know that Gramma is going to wish that I had TAKEN pictures of the party guests. Hopefully what I took will help her remember the occasion fondly. It was a very nice afternoon of visiting and eating!

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