Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Celebrating 90 Years

I traveled to the Northwest corner of Ohio with my Mom, Dad, sister and nieces to celebrate my Grandma's 90th birthday. It was one of those trips where I knew I was going to be riding in the car as long as I was at the destination and I wondered if the trip was "worth it." I decided that my Grandma only has a 90th birthday once and not every grandma has a 90th birthday and it's best to live life without regrets--so the trip was worth it.
Janell and I stopped by the farm. My Grandpa was a farmer and raised steers. His name is still on the barn and we breathed in the distinct scent of straw and steers. It's one of those scents that brings back memories of cold mornings in the barn "helping" Grandpa feed the steers.
I enjoyed having lunch with some of my cousins before Grandma's party. It's the first time I remember sitting around a table with my cousins away from our parents. We don't know each other well, but we had some good laughs and conversation.

Grandma has one living sister and two living brothers in law that were able to come to the drop in party. Some of her nieces and nephews were there also. Grandma has 7 children who were all there with their spouses. About half of her grandchildren were there as well as some great grandchildren. (Grandma has a really big family. She would be able to the exact number, but I think we number in the 60s now.)

The cupcake table was so pretty. The plates were absolutely perfect for Grandma. I know it was a big day for Grandma and being the center of attention isn't really her thing, but I hope that she knew that everyone was there to let her know that she is special and loved.

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