Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Day 1: Vacation!!

My Mom thought it would be a lot of fun to take me and the children with her to Ohio to visit her Mom, family and do some of the things that I remember doing when my family visited Ohio when I was a child. Jeremy and I have not even entertained the idea of a vacation in the last 5 years because we had other financial goals to meet, but this year this trip seemed doable. Jeremy wasn't ready to leave town for an entire week so we looked around and found that it was quite reasonable for him to fly out to Ohio to be with us for a couple days and be part of some of our memories. I was so excited! I planned a trip that would be child friendly. I texted my Mom the day before we left--"I think I should thank you ahead of time--while I'm still excited and rested!--for initiating this trip." (Little did I know how true this would be as the trip went on.)

Monday morning arrived. I did the final packing, made lunches for a picnic and loaded the van. The stress mounted in the last couple hours before Mom arrived at our house. Josiah had purchased a fidget spinner specifically for this trip and he couldn't find it anywhere and neither could I. I looked everywhere and Josiah was just heartbroken. He wanted to stay home. We drove out of the driveway without that silly spinner. Jeremy told me to check my purse which Josiah had already looked through. I did and, sure enough, in the outside pocket there was a fidget spinner. Phew. Crisis solved.

It was raining. I had a letterbox clue for the marina in Cambridge. We couldn't find the letterbox. We ate our picnic lunch in the car. Everyone had a great attitude. Thankfully, by the time we reached our next planned stop the rain stopped and the children could play on the playground. It wasn't without kid drama, but it was a good stop. Mom and I knew we could easily made it to our halfway-to-Ohio stop that night.
My children don't remember staying in a hotel so this was a highly anticipated night. We arrived in time to relax a bit before having supper. They explored every inch of that room. Anna hung up all of her clothes and emptied her backpack into drawers.
It had also been a very long time since the children had been in a "sit down and order" restaurant. We chose Bob Evans. Isaiah was a bit wild after being in the car all day, but they did well.
Isaiah gave his ice cream a thumbs up.
After supper it was time to swim! We had so much fun! Isaiah was fearless. The hot tub wasn't too hot so I was happy that he was wanted to be in the smaller space. By the end of our time in the pool, he was in the big pool...and so was I.
Of course nothing is as exciting as the luggage cart! Everyone found a place to hang on and ride. We made quite the spectacle going through the hotel.
I went to bed that night thankful for all the fun little memories we had made that day.

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