Saturday, June 24, 2017

Obviously We Bought a Minivan

My Dad and grandparents were so gracious to juggle their cars around so that I could have transportation while Jeremy watched for and researched what and where to buy. We settled on a 2009 Honda Odyssey with a whole bunch of miles on it. This is the first time that we bought a car while holding to our financial values and that is a big milestone for us. I can't say that I ever feel great when I buy a car. This was also the first time we bought from a used car place and I left just hoping they were telling us the truth. A car is about the only purchase where you know you are losing value just driving away from the purchase table. I'm very pleased though. Jeremy took good care of me and the children! It drives great and has even more room than our old van. I have no complaints. Jeremy is working hard to get the repairs done that we need for it to pass Maryland inspection.

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