Thursday, June 15, 2017

Day 3: Reset

Today is Wednesday, June 7. We planned for today to be a "down" day to recover from traveling. The children slept late again. Mom went over to Grandma's house and the children and I had a leisurely morning. We made our way over to Grandma's house and visited with her a while. On the way into her house Josiah cut his finger on her door. There was blood and tears. It took him many minutes to recover. I held him. Isaiah and Anna played with the yarn balls on the floor. Isaiah loved Grandma's box of toys. I think Grandma enjoyed watching them play. This was the first time that Isaiah and Grandma Rhoda met. How priceless it is to have this picture:
A four generation picture is priceless too!
The kids and I went back to my aunt and uncle's for the afternoon. The big kids watched a movie and Isaiah took a long nap. Jeremy called to tell me that the issue with the van was definitely a transmission issue and it isn't worth fixing. That opened a new host of scenarios to navigate. My brain didn't let me rest that afternoon.

After Isaiah woke up we went back to Grandma's to swim at the indoor pool in her community. We had SO much fun. The water was "elderly people warm". It was perfect for me! Totally bathtub water. Isaiah was immediately fearless. Isaiah decided to try using a pool noodle instead of his circle floatie at one point. That didn't go so well for him. After that there was no need to remind him to get his floatie before getting in the water. We played until we HAD to get out for supper.

After supper we had ice cream at Nofiziger's, a local ice cream place. I had chocolate covered pretzel ice cream. It was scrumptious! Grandma got home probably past her bedtime! But it was fun to take her out. I think she enjoyed her ice cream too.
How cute are these ice cream parlor chairs?

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