Friday, June 30, 2017

What A Week!

Anna had dance camp every morning this week. She had a love/hate relationship with dance camp. Once she got there she loved it, but every morning she was so nervous that her tummy hurt and she couldn't eat breakfast--and tears. Her teacher talked to her each day and she would participate with a smile. Our dance teacher is amazing. Anna learned a 50s dance and a jazz dance and she performed both dances for the parents with her class.

We did lots of fun things after dance, which is my own fault for adding to the crazy of the week. We went to the cove two days and the park with our CBS friends today. Isaiah was so tired every afternoon. He fell into bed for naps as soon as we got home. He's such a trooper though.

Each evening the kids went to our community Methodist church Bible School. This is Aliza's last year. She has been going since she was 2 years old. Her favorite part is singing their songs on Friday evening in the closing program. Next year she will get to be a helper. Aliza almost teared up during her last song tonight. And she smiled as big as she could for her picture because it's her last one.
Josiah was nervous every single night. I don't think he ate supper all week because his tummy hurt so bad. As soon as he walked into his class he was fine and came home happy every night. He's become a great little singer too.
Isaiah has thought all week that he was one of the big kids whether it was VBS or at the cove. He loved doing the crafts and even though he played with toys during the class time, he had some idea of what the story was. Tonight he surprised me when he walked right up on stage to sing his song without looking back at me. He didn't sing. He looked all around. Stuck out his tongue. Pulled his shirt up and chewed on it. Very cute--for a 2 year old!
I walked Anna to her class every evening and she hung pretty close to her teacher. This is the first year she agreed to have her picture taken and she would only do it if her teacher was in the picture too. Anna, true to form, did not sing in the program.
I'm glad the week is over! Handling allllll the emotions has me worn out! I did not handle them all gracefully, but we made it. Tomorrow I'm catching up on errands....and housework!

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