Saturday, June 3, 2017

Joy Dare::May

4365. Josiah was into studying survival today: especially edible vegetation
4366. My baby boy has a big boy bed
4367. Curriculum call from a convention contact
4368. Practicing being flexible today
4369. Connecting with my sisters
4370. Put together a scrapbook page
4371. A smooth day
4372. Hamburgers on the grill
4373. Pouring rain
4374. Coloring
4375. Rainy day cookies
4376. On morning 3 of waking up in a toddler bed, Isaiah already figured out to come to our bed, crawl between us and fall back asleep
4377. Cousins had lots of time to play
4378. Janell let me sit on the couch while she made supper
4379. Mommy gut instincts
4380. Josiah's soccer coach
4381. Pizza and ice cream for supper
4382. Breakfast picnic
4383. Walking through the zoo
4384. The last 2 weeks of school...
4385. Talked to or texted all of my sisters
4386. Jeremy involved in soccer practice
4387. A lot less hair in my house
4388. "Draw near to Him and He will draw near to you."
4389. Gramma's back is feeling so much better
4390. 4 teeth cleanings and no cavities
4391. Mom and I talking as fast as we could
4392. Expressions of growing faith
4393. Left the house frazzled and come home relaxed
4394. The last week of school planned!
4395. Talking things through with Aliza
4396. I have a life that I don't deserve
4397. Errands by myself
4398. Talking with my sisters
4399. Breakfast in bed
4400. Loved on Mother's Day
4401. Jeremy did ALL the cooking and dish washing
4402. Sweet daughter love notes on my desk
4403. All Anna wants to do is scrapbook with me
4404. Isaiah making us all laugh during bedtime reading
4405. Aliza finished 5th grade!
4406. Last soccer practice: players vs. parents
4407. Josiah finished 3rd grade!
4408. Josiah invited me to sit outside and read with him
4409. Shopping with Anna is always an adventure
4410. And Anna finished kindergarten!
4411. Picking strawberries
4412. Isaiah determined to sleep beside Uncle Joel
4413. A super fun beach morning
4414. Josiah was so nervous but he played
4415. My brakes worked in the storm
4416. Girls weekend at Grandma and Grandpa's house
4417. Flowers, gardens, tea and friends
4418. Ended the girls day with painting nails
4419. Listening to my girls talk as sisters
4420. So much grace from Jeremy when I wasn't very nice because I was too tired
4421. Finished out the soccer season
4422. Apple pie cupcakes turned out well
4423. Celebrating the end of our school year with supper with Grandma and Grandad
4424. A couple days in a row with Meghan visits
4425. Jeremy's business growing
4426. Schedule free enough that I could easily help
4427. Holding Renee
4428. Taking a slow morning
4429. Tedious productivity
4430. Aliza's Wednesday night teacher
4431. The first morning of summer routine that the children settled down and played together
4432. Fresh pineapple
4433. The way Isaiah says I love you when I tuck him in
4434. The cove is pretty even when it's windy, chilly and there is a snake in the water
4435. Getting to know new friends at a fun place to eat
4436. Garden is dug
4437. Things crossed off today's work list
4438. Working in some scrapbooking minutes in my days
4439. My sister brought me a bit of Magnolia Market back with her
4440. No requirements of myself on this Sabbath day
4441. Josiah had lots of Daddy time this weekend--fishing and rocket making
4442. The best steak dinner I've made to date
4443. Anna wants to do everything exactly like I do
4444. Making myself available to chat with another Mom
4445. Jeremy worked magic and made my video look pretty good
4446. Having a my girls at my Trades of Hope party
4447. Aliza has the best time with Aunt Laura and her Lemon Meringue cupcakes were yummy
4448. Painting outside
4449. Snacks on the neighbor's patio
4450. Our last Wednesday night club for the summer

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