Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was on a Sunday this year and the children were just convinced that Saturday was Christmas "Adam". Because, surely, there can't be an "Eve" without an "Adam." I had all of my Christmas preparations finished so it was a pretty quiet day. I was hoping the mood to bake would strike, but it didn't.

We started church at 4:30pm with cupcakes and hot chocolate--a birthday party for Jesus. It is always fun to sing the traditional Christmas carols. The children sang Happy Birthday Jesus. I sat right in the front to help them sing. They all sang really well! It was a big help to have Aliza and Josiah singing too. Renee and Anna held hands the whole time. Towards the end of the song Anna looked at me and did her newly learned winking with both eyes. Kinda made me heart melt!

After church we had the traditional pizza and shrimp at Mom and Dad's house. Isaiah has been watching his gift under the tree at Grandma's house and he can hardly wait to open it. It was just a quiet and relaxing evening. All of a sudden Josiah and Anna were READY to go home. They wanted to go to bed so that morning would come faster.

When we got home they did get ready for bed pretty quickly. Aliza took a shower and soon I heard sobbing coming from the bathroom. I couldn't figure out what could possibly be wrong. The sobbing didn't stop and when I talked to her she didn't really know why she was crying but just couldn't stop. So much emotion the night before Christmas! Everyone slept well though. In fact, no one even crawled into our bed.

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