Friday, December 1, 2017

Lollipop Motivation

Out of the blue on Wednesday afternoon Josiah got sick. Two hours later, Anna got sick. And 4 hours after Anna, I got sick. Needless to say, yesterday (Thursday) was a sick day at our house. From my nest on the couch Thursday morning, I could see that Isaiah's diaper was past needing to be changed. I didn't feel up to walking upstairs for a new one, so I took it off and pulled his pajama pants up and told him to pee in the potty when he needed to.

Now there has been a bag of lollipops on top of the pantry for several weeks waiting for Isaiah to earn them by using the potty. He has really wanted a lollipop, but not bad enough to use the potty. Yesterday was the magic day--he used the potty! After one lollipop he wanted more and he tried over and over to use the potty until he was successful again! Even being sick I couldn't help laughing when he was standing at the potty hitting his butt "to get the pee to come out." There were no accidents yesterday.

This morning I was much better--back to normal really--and I changed Isaiah's diaper right away. To my astonishment, his diaper was dry! Isaiah was not impressed about not having a diaper on, but I stuck to it and after a while he was doing a victory run out of the bathroom. He had an accident this morning, but after his nap his diaper was dry again and no more accidents.

I'm not claiming any great victory here. It's only day 2 and seeing as how this is my 4th child, I know that this journey generally has ups and downs, twists and turns. But for day 2, I'm pretty tickled and, for just a moment here, I'll think that maybe--maybe?!--the 4th time is a charm! lol

A side effect of Isaiah getting lollipops is that everyone else wants them too. It's almost hilarious how Josiah and Anna will do school happily for a lollipop or get off the computer without complaining for a lollipop. Aliza pretty much does those things already so she gets a lollipop when she finishes school.

The moral of this story is that lollipops are apparently a very effective tool for motivation.

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