Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Joy Dare::November

4874. Josiah got some Daddy time
4875. Anna showed me she has the ability to clean up
4876. My girls love Wednesday night club so much
4877. Aliza had her first experience as an official childcare helper
4878. Aunts to love on their neices
4879. The children so excited to watch Daddy unbox his new phone
4880. Seeing family from Texas
4881. Harper's Ferry was so pretty even with gray skies and sprinkling rain
4882. The TV in the restaurant was on a show that didn't scare my children
4883. Late night watching This Is Us with Brandi
4884. A couple surprise finds at Target
4885. Christmas craft with Aunt Sarah before we left
4886. The official family dinner--Thanksgiving style
4887. An unexpected picnic lunch
4888. Quiet house and our own bed
4889. A really enjoyable visit this morning
4890. A big question
4891. The first rainy, cold day of the season
4892. Survived an almost embarrassing situation
4893. Aliza beyond excited after finding out what one of her recital songs is
4894. A day to just focus on school
4895. Breakfast for supper
4896. All the falling leaves
4897. Birds at our new feeders
4898. Taking care of nieces and nephews
4899. Text messaging that allows me to have day to day conversation with faraway friends
4900. Celebrating Grandad's 90th birthday
4901. Spending time with my parents and family
4902. The sting of missing Gramma
4903. A clean bathroom is really good for my self-esteem
4904. A little scrapbooking this weekend
4905. Phone call with Grandad
4906. Had Mom to sit with during Magi practice
4907. 4 dentist appointments and no cavities
4908. A wreath on my door that I love
4909. Everybody played outside for a long time
4910. The empty house while they were outside so I could get some cleaning done
4911. Another super exciting dance class for Aliza
4912. Being able to enjoy pushing Isaiah in the swing
4913. The text that said she changed her mind
4914. Listening to discussion of people who have studied Scripture longer than I have
4915. Dropping everything to take Anna shopping for her birthday party supplies
4916. Now that Josiah is finished with choir, I hear him singing all the songs
4917. A knock on the door that was my mom
4918. Heard "I am so thankful for you Mom, in multiple ways."
4919. An afternoon with Chrissy
4920. Aliza's concert went so much better than she expected (her own answer to prayer)
4921. Time with Anna this evening
4922. A nap and a scrapbook page is so rejuvenating
4923. When Jeremy makes breakfast
4924. Enjoyed Aliza's concert
4925. Josiah woke up very happy
4926. Shower ideas are usually the best
4927. Isaiah added a lot of goofy joy to our visit with Andy and Judy
4928. No plans this evening
4929. Everyone helping frost Anna's cupcakes
4930. Bowling!
4931. Spending the evening with Janell
4932. Anna loving her birthday present
4933. Laughter around the table
4934. Visiting with Mom, Dad and Grandad
4935. Making pies
4936. A wonderful Thanksgiving Day meal and dessert table
4937. Grandad and Dad looking at old pictures
4938. Self-control to not spend $$ on spending day
4939. Truffles
4940. Brothers playing together in the leaves
4941. Sisters playing princesses together
4942. One more Thanksgiving feast
4943. A very quick, smooth trip home
4944. Time to get organized for the week
4945. Family bedtime snacktime
4946. Caught the mouse!
4947. Warm sun and lovely to be outside
4948. Looking my daughter in they eye and speaking truth
4949. Aliza and Anna had Aunt time
4950. Connecting with a dance Mom who is practically my neighbor
4951. All of us together for supper
4952. Worship was the best yet!
4953. Good that I got all the errands done
4954. Grace to take care of 2 sick kids
4955. Friend to check on me while I was sick
4956. Sickness passed reasonable quickly
4957. Isaiah started potty training essentially on his own

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