Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Moments to Remember

Every year the children do a Christmas program for the adults at Community Bible Study. Up until this year, Anna has never stood on the stage much less participated. She always came to sit with me, sometimes crying loudly. Josiah used to do the same thing and then one time he stood up and participated so I figured that one day Anna would do the same.

She did. And that day was today. Last week she told her teacher that she wanted to have a part to read and she agreed to sing a song with Aliza. Anna practiced this week and pretty well had her part memorized. I dropped her off this morning and sat down and held my breath to see what would happen.

Aliza held her hand on the way in and when they got to the stage I could see that Anna had been crying. She looked around, wiped her eyes, found me and smiled a little bit. I could tell that she had pulled herself together and was going to make it. Aliza read her part and then Anna read hers, then Josiah and another classmate. All of them read clearly and slowly. I was super proud of all of them. But when Anna finished, Aliza put her arm around her, whispered that she did a great job and kissed the top of her head. That moment could not have been scripted and it was so Aliza. Anna is so lucky to have a big sister who adores her, looks out for her and is so encouraging.

Then Aliza and Anna sang a song that Aliza learned with the Magi Choir. This was the first time that Aliza ever sang a solo. I know that she was counting on Anna to sing with her! Aliza was pretty nervous! They did very well.

Josiah did super great also. She reads so well and appears very comfortable on the stage even though I know that he is nervous. And Isaiah just sat there, but he was still and didn't cry even when he saw me.

It was a morning that I was super, super proud of my growing up kiddos.

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