Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Jeremy recovered this picture from yesterday!

Today was a much better day. I didn't hear any squealing in the house. Nap times didn't overlap by much, but I got to spend over an hour alone with Aliza while Josiah slept. That calmed her down a lot.

This is how you can most often find us recently. Aliza loves watching/helping me put this puzzle together.

The pillow is my spot. She still bring this pillow for me to sit on. It was a necessity at the end of my pregnancy. Now it is just really cute to know that she wants me to sit and then runs to find the pillow and bring it to me.

This puzzle is pretty complicated. Aliza sits on my lap and watches me put it together then she sits on top of it and points to various items for an explanation. After that she puts all the pieces, one by one, back in the box and then dumps it out to do it agian. Today she put the bottom row of pieces together by herself and she knows where the turtle, octopus, clams and some other fish go.

Josiah is a pretty good sport, but he doesn't like to sit in his chair for too long. It is such a balancing act to give both of them good attention.

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