Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Wednesday Evening at the Heslop House

The house was quiet and I was almost worried, but then I realized that everyone was happily engaged in an activity that they enjoy.

Josiah is sleeping. We've been teaching him how to sleep and he is a very good student.....more on Babywise theory later. (Janel, there is hope today. I'm totally pumped!) He's been making more and more happy noises when he is awake and his smiles are coming more easily now. And, yes, he did sleep through the night last night.

Aliza is watching Boz, her new favorite DVD character. It is a Christian Barney and teaches preschool concepts with Christian values. It is fun because she can tell us all about the songs and stories.

And Jeremy took his camera outside to take pictures. That makes my heart soar! It wasn't a very rational conversation on my part, but I told him he was working way too much in the evenings and we needed him. This week he has been available and tonight he did something he enjoys. That means he is relaxing too! Maybe he got some neat nature shots that I can post later.


Christie said...

Yeah Heslop Family! Good for you on taking some down time :) And, I am totally impressed by how clean your computer desk is...ours always looks like a bomb went off.

kater's mom said...

so what did you get to do with your time....hopefully something enjoyable!!!