Monday, April 28, 2008

What a Weekend!

This weekend the 4 of us made our first trek to West Virginia to visit Jeremy's family. Josiah did really well for the first 3 hours of the trip, but both ways the 4th hour was utterly miserable with his screaming and Aliza trying to comfort him----(read with increasing intensity)----"siah...siah....SSSSIIIIIAAAAHHHH" She was only trying to be heard above his screaming and then by the time we hit Camden Ave, Aliza was imitating Josiah's breath-holding wail. That sums up the driving part.

Our excuse for going was for Karen and I to attend her church's ladies' tea. They call it a tea, but it is more of a luncheon. This year the theme was the 50's. They had the auditorium set up as a drive-in theatre complete with cars from the 50s, popcorn concession stand and diner for root beer floats. A small group in the church hosts this event every year and it is amazing. Elvis came in full costume and sang several songs (the most elderly ladies especially enjoyed him!), the entertainment was Price is Right (apparently it started in the 50s) and the craft was decorating wood cutouts of our initial (I guess they wore letter sweaters in the 50s). I'm pretty clueless about the 50s as you can tell!

Our tea time became quite somber when a lady at our table received a text message that her son had been in a motorcycle accident. I had just met her and she told us that she was a mother of eight children and told us about her oldest son (4th in the line) who had a motorcycle that he really wanted to race and how much she did not want him to do that. Quickly after the text message she received a phone call and her husband walked in looking very pale. Ultimately her son died that afternoon from multiple internal injuries.

Well, I was going on not-enough-sleep and a very early morning and I spent the rest of the day wanting to cry and hold my babies as close as possible. Watching someone basically find out that they lost their child in an instant made me think how quickly life can be snatched away. We aren't guaranteed another day. It made me think about how I always need to be prepared to face eternity at a moment's notice. There may not be time to settle with God or others on earth before our time is up. Don't hesitate a moment longer! If you are uncertain about eternity or don't have peace about dying--don't rest until you do!!! That is my lecture for today! =)

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Anonymous said...

So now I'm blubbering bawling....the veiwing is thurs and funeral fri praying. They are being strong rite now, but I'm sure it will hit them later. It was good to spend time with you all -Yeah!