Sunday, April 20, 2008

Salisbury Zoo

Saturday was Earth Day at Salisbury Zoo. It was a beautiful day so every other family in Salisbury thought the zoo sounded like a good outing also. I've never seen so many strollers in one place! Aliza walked and walked and walked. Her cheeks were bright red after an hour, but she didn't have a shortage on energy. She has talked about all the animals she saw since....I finally figured out that "gos" are flamingos. That was a relief! She was even telling me that they were pink like her shirt....she must think I'm really stupid at times. =)

Christie, the hat Josiah is wearing was Graham's. Josiah will wear it all summer. Thanks!

Jeremy's parents were here from Thursday evening to Saturday so they got in on the zoo festivities. Aliza sure enjoyed having them here. It won't be long until I have no peace once she knows that they are coming.


Meghan said...

Oh those are some of the cutest pictures!

Christie said...

I totally forgot about that hat!Looks so cute on your little dude. Glad you guys had such a great warm weather outing :)

Becky said...

Carla! How do I get in touch with you? Bethany gave me your blog address and somehow we have to get in touch! Do you have facebook?

carla said...

BECKY!!! I've been wanting to find you forever. Thanks, Bethany! My husband, Jeremy, has facebook. I'll have him find you for me. You can email me at