Monday, December 6, 2010

Anna--2 Weeks

I'm in love with this sweet little face.

Today my driving and lifting restrictions ended. I guess I thought that meant I was magically healed. Not so much. All I did was take Anna to the doctor by myself and carry Josiah to the step for time out and my body let me know I still need to take it easy.


Christie said...

I check every single day for a little glimpse into you life with sweet Anna! Love the picture and I think you are doing absolutely amazing. Making cookies, decorating the go girl! But, not to much, do take care of yourself :)

Me said...

Oh, Carla, she is soooooo precious. How I yearn to just sit and hold her and baby gaze. Take it easy on yourself, my friend. In our user guide from the Maker women were given 40 days before they even left the house!LOL I hope you continue to heal quickly.