Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Gift of a Good Start

My Mom and Jeremy's Mom tag-teamed to give me a great start to being a Mom of three. What a huge gift the last 2 1/2 weeks have been.

Even before the Moms stepped in my good start started with a good anesthesiologist. I could tell right away that the spinal went very smoothly--despite me being extremely nervous. Surgery went fine. It is a little surprising what surgeons say while they are working.

While I was in the hospital, my parents kept Aliza and Josiah at their house. Jeremy's Mom took care of Anna and I at the hospital. She spent the night with us so that Jeremy could come home and sleep. It was a much better experience to have a private room at the hospital. Because Karen could stay with me I was able to keep Anna with me the whole time. I was much less emotional and was able to get a little sleep. The first morning I had to cry. I had kept Karen up all night with one need or another. She really was a private duty nurse for me and I was so very thankful to have her with me.

My Mom was able to take off 2 weeks from work. She either spent the day at my house or I spent the day at hers. The day included supper and cleanup. Jeremy and I got spoiled having a few minutes each evening to sit alone at the table and chat. She reassured me that I was really supposed to do nothing because, in fact, I had just had surgery. It took me a while to adjust to doing nothing.

Jeremy's Mom came back to our house for 5 days to help. She came loaded with groceries and supper ideas and some fantastic pumpkin harvest scones. Today she left me with a clean bathroom, swiffered floors and leftovers.

Now I'm on my own! For the first day I'd say we made out pretty well. Now when Anna settles in for the night I'll be asleep instantly.

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