Sunday, December 19, 2010

Decorating Gingerbread Men

Mom started the tradition of having the grandchildren decorate gingerbread men several years ago. It was fun to see the difference in how Aliza, Josiah and Caleb decorated this year from last year. They grow up so much in a year!

Aliza decided she was going to make a Princess Snow White gingerbread man. So she made sure she brought her book so that she would remember how Snow White looks.

I think she forgot about Snow White pretty quickly, but I was quite impressed with her creation.

Josiah enjoyed the sprinkles....

...and the cookies.

Aliza concentrated so hard! By the end she was working so hard to control that frosting that her whole body was shaking when she squeezed the bottle.


chrissy said...

Aliza looks like us when we decorating our cakes during that cake class we took - her face all concentrated!

Christy said...

aw!!! they're so cute!!