Tuesday, December 21, 2010

More Moments

I don't have energy for writing stories. I wish I had some energy and/or brain cells to reflect a bit on what I have felt and experienced this last month. I am thankful that God gives me the energy and perspective to enjoy (most) of the moments of each day.

We got some snow this week. Aliza and Josiah were so excited. I got them bundled up, they played outside for a few minutes and came in cold and wanting hot chocolate. This cycle occurred multiple times during the day.

Cutting. A favorite activity of Aliza. I am finally over enough soreness that I can bend over to clean up this mess.

No further explanation needed! =)

Daddy's helper.

Josiah discovered that he likes Puppy Chow.

Mommy's big helper (Aliza) covered Anna with 4 blankets. I think Anna was nice and cozy.

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