Thursday, December 16, 2010


Just a few moments I've captured over the past week or so.

Anna lifting her head up high.

Josiah made himself a sandwich. Flatbread, celery, grapes and cheese. He didn't eat a bite of it, but it was fun to make.

Caleb was so proud to hold Anna.

After being outside for all of 5 minutes on a cold day, Aliza and Josiah came in declaring they needed hot chocolate to warm up.

For the 100th time....You are too big for the swing! Plus it is not ours, it is Aunt Janell's.

I don't know how Anna sleeps, but she does. She will most likely be able to sleep through anything.

This sign appears on Aliza's bedroom door. It is a stick figure with an X through it. The translation is: No Josiah allowed in my room.

We attended the community Christmas potluck tonight. This is how close the children got to Santa. He wasn't very engaging and didn't even give them a prize out of his bag. I guess you had to actually sit on his lap to get that.

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