Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Date Attire

Yes, I'm going to talk about weight. At my own expense. The picture was so unflattering I'm not posting it.

I had a hot date on Sunday evening. For Valentine's Day. With my bestest friend who is also my husband. I happened to want to look like more than a stay-at-home Mom and I had no pants in that category that fit. So I called my sister and my sister-in-law. My sister forgot the pants. So I picked up a pile of pants from my sister-in-law.

She apparently has lots of clothes since she presented me with a pile of 5 dress pants and a skirt. She starts going through the pile. This is my favorite from Express Size X. I recognize a skirt that she wore around the time she got married. We get to the bottom of the pile. This is Size Y from Express. I'm thinking...I KNOW how Express pants fit. This is not looking good for me. Then she points to the pair of natural colored J. Crew corduroys on the bottom of the pile. And she says--And these are my ginormous Size Z pants. I only wore them when I was THIS (think hand motions) big. I'm sure they'll be too big for you.

I brought my donations home and tried them on. Couldn't button the first ones. Couldn't button the second ones. Insisted that the zipper close on the skirt, but there was a bulge. You know, the worst fear at this point in post pregnancy is that someone would ask if you ARE pregnant. The third pair of black pants fit well enough that a long shirt could cover the snugness. And those ginormous pants? Yup. They fit. With a bit of breathing room, but nonetheless a comfortable fit at the waist.

Then I went looking for those heels that I haven't worn in an age. Black boots. Knee high. Perfect. But no. I couldn't zip them!

I decided to laugh. I called Meghan to confess and boosted her self-esteem.

This baby weight is hanging on this time. I have a pretty good idea why. I didn't have weeks or months of high thyroid. High thyroid makes your metabolism go crazy and I'm thinking that's why I lost my weight without trying the last 2 times. Oh well. I'm happy to feel good and be happy. Soon the weather will be nicer and I'll be able to do some walking.


Ventanas y Puertas said...

...thanks for helping me chuckle...at "our" expenses ;) I just got asked on sunday if I am expecting again. (i´m not) DJ is over a year old now...does it still count as post-pregnancy weight after a year??? hmmmmm...

Me said...

oops! I was apparently in hubby's log it, sorry! the above is "me" :)