Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Heart Day

One of the first things I did this morning was carve out a pretty little Valentine spot. Chocolate is available all day on Valentine's. This is particularly exciting to Josiah.

Anna and Carter went to baby story time at the library. Aliza enjoyed it too. Josiah got to play on the computers with Chrissy during the story time.

Then Grandma came over with some cupcakes to decorate. She thought she had an easy, fool proof, rather clean plan. BUT Aliza insisted on spreading the frosting and Josiah knocked over a dish of sprinkles.
Aliza is my event planner. She always has a BIG plan! Today she spent a lot of time decorating the dining room. Here is Care Bear land and Strawberry Shortcake Land. She did lots of cutting and lots and lots of taping. Aliza could hardly wait for Daddy to empty his pockets when he came home. She wanted to show him so badly.
Heart themed dinner. Heart plates, napkins and pizza.
Josiah's dinner. I promise this is the only day of the year such a dinner occurs!
Josiah loves stuffed animals. He declared his puppy cute and quickly made a home for it in his bedroom.

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Christie said...

You are so wonderful at making events special! Such great memories for your kiddos :)