Thursday, February 3, 2011

Late Nights

At 9:30 one night...
I couldn't bring myself to break up this sweet conversation. Aliza and Josiah were looking at an American Girl catalog. Aliza was helping Josiah circle everything that "he" wanted.

At 10:15 on a lot of nights...
Anna cuddles with Mommy and Daddy. I actually really like giving her my undivided attention and it is my fault that she is up this late. I let her take a super long nap in the afternoon which puts her third nap way too late and then she eats and is awake way too late. I'll remedy that one of these days. Actually tonight she was in bed at 8:00.

It is uncommon for Aliza to take a nap anymore. I don't usually hear from her after she is tucked in. Except for tonight when she must have been too tired because she threw a fit because (get this!) I cleaned up her room and (*gasp*) I moved her sleeping bag to a different place in the room so she would have more room to play. (Yes, she had time out until she was ready to thank me for cleaning up her room.)

Josiah still takes a nap. He needs it. He has also learned to keep himself awake at night. At nap time he lays right down and is asleep in minutes. At night he can keep himself up for hours. Even if we lay with him he stays awake. It can easily be 10:30 or later until he goes to sleep.

I'm pretty sure I am the ring leader of the Heslop Family Circus.

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