Monday, May 16, 2011

Another Weekend of Parties

Joel graduated from college! He has a degree is Communication and New Media with a focus in new media and a minor is early childhood education. (I think that is close anyway!) Joel is 10 years younger than Jeremy and he has been making me feel old!

Jeremy was able to attend the ceremony. Timing worked out for them to meet the children and I for ice cream after the ceremony. Everyone looked at me when I walked into the little, old fashioned ice cream shop with 3 children in tow. They behaved really well until Uncle Joel walked in....he has that effect on them.

Joel is marrying this girl in just a couple weeks. I love her. I love him. It's a happy occasion. But they still make me feel old. Let's just say that Joel was only 12 when Jeremy and I got married and 10 when Jeremy and I started dating. (I'm over it. I promise I won't bring it up again!)

Sunday we attended Brandi's church. We took our children to McDonald's for lunch so Grandma could get ready for the graduation party. The graduation party was fun. Josiah went without a nap--almost. He fell asleep on couch for a few minutes. Anna slept through the whole party.

After the graduation party Joel, Brandi, Jeremy and I had a moving party. We moved Joel out of his student apartment. It was a bonding experience. Brandi and I packed up the kitchen while Joel and Jeremy packed up the bedroom. It was raining. Joel lived on the second floor in the dead middle of the hall. We all worked hard. It paid off that we are old (sorry. one last time.) and drive a mini van. Jeremy laid the seats down and we moved everything in one trip.

Good times. Good memories!

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