Thursday, May 19, 2011

Headed South

Not far South, just South of our home. Every other week or so, the children and I spend a day at my Mom's house. It is nice to have a change of pace and change of scenery. Now that my grandparents are moved in their apartment this day includes a visit with Great Gramma and Great Grandad. Great Gramma has had shingles the last couple weeks so it had been a while since our last visit. I think we made up for it today! Aliza and Josiah went running over just a couple minutes before I was ready and when I walked in they were both BUSY!

Josiah and Great Grandad were intently looking at a coffee table book about tractors.

Aliza was busy unpacking a box of books. She loves to help Great Gramma.

Anna enjoyed the books. She was quite busy also.

Then Great Gramma decided it was time to read some books. There are more books for Aliza to unpack next time.

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