Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Back to Home

After a long, fun weekend no one wanted Daddy to go to work today. Thunder woke them up early this morning and, as expected when we come home from Grandma's house, there was a morning of adjustment. It's always miserable and just when I'm about ready to ship them out it is nap time. And then everyone feels so much better and plays much more nicely together. In fact, so nicely that I got this picture....

They are practicing to be flowergirl and ring bearer in Joel's wedding. Josiah LOVES his black dress shoes. They are holding hands!!! After the practice, Aliza asked Josiah to marry her. He said yes and they continued to parade around the house holding hands!

1 comment:

Christie said...

Oooh, don't you just want to chase them around and squeeze their little cheeks when they are playing nicely? Sooo, cute!