Sunday, May 15, 2011

His Doll

I bought my boy a baby doll. (His Daddy had no problem with the purchase.)

Some how we do not have an overabundance of dolls in our house. Aliza has her 2 special dolls and that is about it. When Josiah started playing with his sister's doll it only created big problems. Aliza came to me begging me to please buy Josiah his own doll. I happened to be going to the store that evening so I bought him one. Josiah was very pleased. He has taken care of his doll. He keeps track of his doll the way he keeps track of his special stuffed cat.

I know buying a boy a doll is a bit controversial. This was my rationale. Josiah is a full fledged boy. No doubt about it. Hard working. Dirt under the fingernails constantly. Some day he may be a Daddy. He will need to know how to care for and nurture a baby. He tells me that his baby is crying and runs to take care of her. And I tell him that he will be a very good Daddy.

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Me said...

Your post made me smile. I was just thinking last weekend that I might need to buy my son a doll. No contravorsy here! LOL ;o)