Monday, May 9, 2011


Since the introduction of our family mealtime rules some things have gotten a lot better. Aliza eats SO much better. We also have adopted a new method of mealtime conversation. I read on a blog that this family asks their children the same questions each night at dinner about their day. We have started asking Aliza and Josiah, "What was your favorite part of the day?" They love it. Each of them tell us something about their day and they love having everyone's attention on them. Then, usually Josiah, will ask Daddy what his favorite part of the was. No one asks me! (It's ok.)

We were at Grandma and Grandpa's house and mealtime was getting a little hairy and out of control so I asked Josiah what his favorite part of the day was. He said something about tools or tractors or scooters and then promptly asked Aliza what her favorite part of the day was. Then he asked Brandi. Then Joel. He sat still and engaged the family in conversation. It was a proud Mommy moment and made for a much more pleasant meal. Not that he ate much more, but at least his company was more pleasant!
The meal ended with Joel's niece and nephew ganging up on him!

Aliza and Josiah pray for our meal. Separately, but the same prayer. "Thank you Jesus for our food. Amen." They have added their own twist to the amen. Aliza says, Amen for Princesses. Or Amen for Daddy. Josiah says, Amen for tractors. Or Amen for lawnmowers. I look at it as them saying Amen for something they are thankful for. Interesting. Maybe I'll adopt the habit.

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