Thursday, April 25, 2013

2 Things I Know for Sure

 1) There are 19 days of school left

2) Parenting is hard work. I thought having just one baby was hard. I thought having a 1 year old and 3 year old was hard (it was!). And now I think managing 3 little personalities,  their emotional swings, and teaching them to be obedient, respectful human beings is the hardest. Some ladies in my life keep me honest, they say it is harder yet to have adult children and letting them go and keeping your mouth shut. I guess choosing to be a parent is signing up for the hardest, lowest paying job around! And one that, despite all the hardness, I would never exchange for an "easier" life.

In spite of the hard, I took a few pictures today.

Josiah and the boy next to him in Community Bible Study thought it was just hilarious to put smile face stickers on each side of their nose.
Playing house on the porch. Josiah is under the blanket. Aliza must have been the mom because everyone was calling me Grandma.
 There is more than one way to accomplish school!
 We took some friends to Bible Study with us today and they brought a tablet with games on it. Of course, Aliza and Josiah thought they just HAD to have Temple Run 2--some game with gorillas. Josiah could hardly contain himself until Daddy came home to approve the game. Here they are looking over him anxiously awaiting the verdict. It was approved!
We've held on pretty well to our screen time boundaries. Some areas have slipped. Right now I'm just hanging on for summer vacation.

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