Saturday, April 6, 2013

Heslop Family Headlines

 As reported and photographed by Aliza. Tuesday, April 2.
Abandoned Bird Feeder

Clothes-less Boy

Gentle Mom. Mom is trying to get Josiah a midnight snack.

Mommy is trying to get the camera back from me. Bossy Boots.

Flarp. EXCUSE YOU!!!
 Wednesday, April 3.
Gnarly hair, Dude!

Messy Room

Awwww. Anna is sick in bed.


Mommy Princess. Getting ready for the day.

Book Stop. Daddy puts his work folder beside the bed at night.

Messy Desk. Mom has too much stuff on her desk.

Data hog. I put too much stuff on my own calendar.

Sugarplum. I like to put snowflakes and fairies in my room.

Monster! Anna touched the camera lens.

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