Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Planting and Oil Changes

 There is nothing like a spring day to be at my parent's house watching Josiah enjoy the company of his Great Grandad and Grandad. I looked out at the garden and shop so many times today thinking how lucky Josiah is...and how lucky his Great Grandad is.

First order of business this morning was planting the garden. Potatoes first.

Josiah wanted so badly to break off those "hairs". It completely mystified him that those are roots and will grow.
 Long rows...

After the potatoes were covered, Josiah walked beside Great Grandad while he used the seeder to plant carrots, beets, and green beans, I think. They also worked together to put stakes in at the end of each row.

Later, Grandad was ready to change the oil is the cars. This was a first experience for Josiah since Jeremy doesn't change oil. Dad showed them the dip stick.

 Then how to read the oil level on the dip stick.
Josiah laid under the car to watch the old oil drain into the pan.
Josiah came into the house telling my Mom that the old oil exploded on his pants. He had oil spots all over his pants. Josiah told me it went kapoosh! I'm not sure what acutally happened. I had to giggle though...Mom told me to use Shout generously on the pants. My Gramma told me to throw them away or at least to wash them alone so they wouldn't ruin other clothes. Me? I would have just thrown them in with the regular wash. Nevertheless, they have a generous amount of Shout stain remover on them. We'll see what happens.

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