Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Joy Dare::April

 247. Admonishment from the pediatrician to change eating habits
248. Forward progress in composition.
249. Jeremy won a giveaway at the golf tournament--one that I will enjoy too
250. Boz DVDs
251. Flowers from my boy

 252. A sick child slows life down
253. A better afternoon than morning
254. Heard: You're the best Mom. I'm always going to look up to you.
255. Hearing rain on the roof
256. 11am Everyone is happy!
257. Watercolor painters
 258. Friday night pizza
259. Jeremy found a way to get Anna to take her medicine without a fight
260. Children sick over the weekend when Jeremy can be home
261. Lots of hugs and snuggles
262. Encouragement from Moms and sisters
263. Feeling good enough to play Legos
 264. I have sick children, but I also have clean floors.
265. Our sick week did not include bodily excretions.
266. All of us healthy and around the table for supper
267. Weather made for being outside as much as possible.
268. Dad's surgery was smooth and he's home
269. Hot sun and a cooling breeze
 270. Character training (of my children)
271. Hand massages (for Aliza with aquaphor)
272. Visiting with my cousin and her family who live far away
273. This was the only big mess of the day.
 274. My Mama texted me from work to ask how my day was going.
275. Teeny tiny leaves
276. Yellow!
 277. Content--right where I am right now
278. Enough food for spontaneous supper guests
279. Warm spring rain
280. Playing outside until well after dark
281. Bright sun
282. A generous husband
283. A day to scrapbook with a friend
284. Beautiful flowers
285. Sunday dinner--Mennonite style
286. Finding my sister-in-law at the grocery store
287. Picking up sticks
 288. Remaining consistent through temper tantrums
289. The hammering of a woodpecker
290. Pigtails and flip flops
291. Baseball in the backyard
292. Scheming and dreaming
293. Helping and learning
294. Planting
295. Talking to Mom and watching cousins play and interact
296. Smell of honeysuckle while we walked
297. A break from school
298. Watching Josiah be the first to welcome Jan with a hug
299. God has the whole world in His hands.
300. Josiah took me outside to show me the blossoms, little leaves and dead tree he discovered while driving his gator around the yard
301. Making time to go to the park and still finishing the work I needed to get done
302. Blowing dandelions
 303. The girls woke up at 6:30 but fell back to sleep until 8:30!
304. Aliza sat on my lap during the Alice in Wonderland ballet
305. The grass is mowed and trimmed
306. My father-in-law working on containing our brush pile
307. Josiah fell asleep at 5pm which rebooted his attitude
308. A friend offered to give us bedroom linens. Much needed.
309. Took time to sit and talk with Gramma
310. A logical idea and I'm no longer borrowing worry from tomorrow
311. A stuffy nose means Josiah falls asleep in my lap
312. Gave communicating a second chance
313. Hearing my littlest niece call me Mama Carla
314. Visiting with my friend's young daughters
315. Saying yes to a request for help after a day of babysitting and being ok
316. Helping in Josiah's class
317. A carb-laden treat
318. Chai this morning
319. A few extra minutes at Mom's house
320. Divine appointment
321. Sermon illustration from Genesis. Olive branch represents hope. Share hope from our own experiences
322. A heart at peace
323. A husband who is dependable and trustworthy and a teammate
324. A quick trip to Target with Mom and Linda and Phil
325. Bright pink azaleas
326. Words
327. Heard: Mom, it's a good things it's raining today to help the leaves grow.
328. Found: a note-- I love you Mommy. I love your cooking.
329. After a hard evening of school work Aliza still offered me our traditional high five
330. Babysat my friend's sweet little girl
331. Listening between the words

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