Thursday, May 2, 2013

Today's Moments

 This morning was our last day of Community Bible Study. It was Sharing Day so I wrote something to share because I am not an articulate speaker. I was pretty sure I was going to cry and I did. It takes a while to feel part of a group. For me it took most of this year, but over the past month or 6 weeks I've started to feel connected to these ladies. Being part of a community was really good for me.

The caterpillars  are out in force right now. Yesterday Josiah convinced Anna a caterpillar on the slide was a "snake" so she was stuck at the top of the slide until I rescued her. Silly boy! This afternoon all three of them were huddled around a little caterpillar. They sortof wanted to pick it up. Anna was the bravest. She touched it once and exclaimed how it tickled her. Then she thought about letting it crawl on her finger a couple times, but didn't let it. She enjoyed burying it in a pile of "food".

 Chrissy brought over some scrapbook supplies that she was finished with. I'm giving most of it away, but Aliza got in on the goodies too. She was so incredibly excited to scrapbook. I had to dig up some pictures for her to use. I was happy that she didn't cover the pictures with stickers (like she did a year or so ago). I was also pleased that she wanted to write. She was completely unconcerned with perfection--which is consistent in most areas of her life.

I'll interpret the writing because it is sweet. The title in the center says I Love My Dad. The title on the top right says Minecraft. Left side: I am playing on my first world. Dad loves me because he loves me (she meant to write Dad loves me because he taught me.) Right side: Me and my Dad played Minecraft. He taught me how to play. I am concentrating. Dad loves making me laugh. Daddy is silly. Daddy is special. Silly me! The last thing she added was the Memories sticker on the top of the page. She said she wanted the word memories because these are some of her favorite memories.
14 days of school left. We finished math yesterday.

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