Friday, May 31, 2013

Joy Dare::May

332. The only person I can control is myself.
333. Jeremy talked business with me while we drove this evening
334. Left feeling depleted and returned refreshed
335. Community
336. Caterpillars

337. A package in the mail
338. Perfect driving weather
339. Supper on the road with good friends
340. An empty waiting room
341. Brandi to talk to
342. A quick pharmacy
343. A dump truck in front of me to keep me from driving too fast
344. A husband comfortable taking over in a pinch
345. Sitting beside Grandma King
346. Playing in the stream
347. Big cousins happily playing with little cousins
348. Listening to 3 siblings chatter in the backseats
349. Treasure hunt
350. On the porch listening to spring rain
351. Fascinating treasures on our walk
352. Mama bird on her nest in our tree
353. Laura's late night call!
354. When Josiah got out of the car after the fishing trip, he ran to me saying, "Mommy, I caught a whopper!"
355. Laughing around the table
356. Fish fry supper
357. Our first trip to the beach this year
358. Spring green grass
359. Helping my sister prepare her party food
360. Renee requesting to sit by "Cawraw"
361. A tired that comes from a big day
362. Mother's Day morning to stay in bed as long as I want
363. A sister to keep me in line
364. Forgiveness
365. My Mom shows me what it means to sacrifice for my family
366. Mom shows me that most of the time it's better to keep my mouth shut
367. Mom taught me to work hard
368. A good attitude in spite of having a cold
369. First strawberries of the season
370. Project list
371. Bathtub fishy
372. Aliza almost falling asleep while riding the lawn mower with Jeremy
373. Frozen go-gurt made me a snack time hero
374. Kids with excessive energy and personality
375. "Mommy, I love you more than 100 alligators!"
376. A friends thoughts to challenge mine
377. Counting gifts by the bonfire
378. Laughter that comes from games of chase
379. Flowers in amazing colors
380. A husband patient with a bad choice of exit
381. Little girls sitting very still to get their fingers and toes painted
382. Heard: Grandpa is going to take me to my high school prom!
383. Siblings (mine): and plenty of them!
384. Gramma's ice cream social
385. Signs of maturity here and there
386. Spontaneity
387. Planting a cork screw willow tree
388. Buying gifts for a family living in another country
389. Aliza and Josiah deep in conversation about Minecraft
390. Strawberry jam for the freezer
391. Perfect day for picking strawberries
392. A body weary from hard work
393. Hotdogs and soda at a baseball game
394. Grandad came to our rescue and mowed our grass since our lawnmower is broken
395. My heart turning to prayer
396. Some time alone with Anna
397. Ignored some messes so that I could enjoy the good things
398. Josiah being big brother to Anna
399. The start of summer break from school
400. Celebrating hard work and accomplishment
401. Windows open on a cool rainy day
402. A ladies tea
403. My friend sharing what her heart knows
404. A walk in the woods
405. Friends who pinky swore to call each other "sis"
406. A date with my husband
407. Dreaming about trips far away
408. Jeremy did child care at church so I could listen to the sermon
409. Gramma's Memorial Day picnic
410. A phone call from my brother-in-law
411. Peonies
412. The feeling of one less responsibility
413. Aliza wanting to sit at the table and just talk
414. Ordering pictures for my Gramma
415. Blue sky
416. Blue water
417. Blue bathing suits
418. Gift given: discipline and consistency
419. Gift given: Jeremy's overnight golf excursion
420: Gift given: TCBY just because

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