Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What We Do

This is what we do on a weather perfect summer day.

This morning we went to the library and signed up for the summer reading program. Anna is "Proud to be a Summer Reader".
This afternoon and evening we were outside as much as possible. In fact the temperature was better outside than inside!

Aliza was an architect.
Josiah was a builder. I will note that in their business partnership Josiah was the boss. It was interesting to observe that Aliza eventually moved her office into Josiah's office space. Later, Josiah moved his office to the front porch and demanded silence so that he could work.
Anna played golf with a tennis ball and racquet.
And we took a family walk this evening. Some of us got exercise and others took a drive! Actually, the neighbor at the end of the road has a circular driveway that the children use as a track. They all had some good exercise!
A most lovely day. I believe what made it most lovely was that there were periods of time where I could truly just enjoy the children. I wasn't correcting, disciplining or refereeing. We were just happily together.

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