Wednesday, June 19, 2013


We've had a rainy and cloudy week. Monday was nice in the afternoon and evening so we blew up and filled a small swimming pool. Everyone thought that was really fun so when Tuesday afternoon was only pouring rain they didn't get to swim, but they still had some water play. Since there were only happy sounds I just went with it. We may or may not have heard some thunder...

It started with the dolls eating a snack on the porch.

And then progressed to the yard in a hard down pour. I'm not sure why Josiah tried to stay dry in the rain. He wanted a coat and I guess the hard hat was a pretty good idea!
The toys of choice: Lalaloopsy Littles. They each have one and it was quite a game!
Anna wasn't sure about walking out into the rain. I assured her that I was not going into the rain. I know...I'm no fun at all!

A Lalaloopsy Little in the tree!
Anna made it off the porch and she walked around the whole time with her hands on her head--trying to stay dry.
The fun was well worth the wet!

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