Monday, June 10, 2013

Little Guy Moving Out

Josiah decided he was moving out today. Into the shed. Among the things we hapharzdardly store in there. He had a chair and a computer set up. When he decided he was going to sleep in the shed, he got a pillow, sheet and blanket which he set up in the space that normally houses his Gator. The Gator got booted to the outside world tonight (which means it isn't we'll see how he actually feels about that in the morning)! Josiah was sorely disappointed when he found out that we would not be plugging in the computer in the shed. What more does a Heslop kid need than a computer??? He informed me that HE got to make all of the rules in the shed. Fine by just can't plug in the computer. Then when I told him I'd be going into the house at dark, he thought he'd sleep in the house tonight and spend light nap in the shed. I tucked him in tonight and he said "Love you too, Mommy" I told him I was glad he was sleeping in the house tonight. Cause, Lord knows, I wouldn't have gotten even a second of sleep if he was outside!

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