Thursday, June 27, 2013

This is the House that was Built Before Our Eyes

 My sister and her husband were gracious enough to allow us to share in the excitement of watching their house, built by Regent Builders, be set on the foundation. There was a crane involved which was super exciting for Josiah. Watching the Amish crew work was also quite entertaining. They were so very efficient and a few times Mom, Janell and I looked at each other and decided we wouldn't tell Brian (my construction brother) about their antics.

We arrived at 9:30. The sun room had already been set. The other pieces are lined up down the road.

Back half of the house being swung around to the foundation. As the house is turned around Janell is exclaiming about her kitchen cabinets and counter top and then says "oh look, there's the dining room chandelier!"
 And set.
 Janell was taking video. I took pictures. She was absolutely thrilled!
 Josiah wanted to build too.
 Gramma had a front row seat in the *air conditioned* car. The girls enjoyed being in the car with her.
 Renee was pretty happy about her house.
 A whole bunch of work happened after the back was set. I have never heard such rapid fire of nail guns! The the roof was raised.

 And the interior upstairs wall was lifted and secured.
 Lydia. It was getting hot by now.
 The roof on the front half of the house was raised and the interior wall secured.
 And the front  half of the house was lifted into place.

 It was pretty amazing to watch them maneuver that house so smoothly into the exact place on the foundation.
 The upstairs shower was lifted in through the dormer window opening.
 1st dormer window.
 2nd dormer window.
 There it is! Except for the porch roof and the end gables.
 And I couldn't help myself I had to say: WELCOME HOME HALE FAMILY!!! WELCOME HOME!
We left at noon. Jeff and Janell got some lunch and when they got back they got to walk through their house. So amazing.

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