Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Dancer

 We entered a new phase of life. Aliza went to Dance Camp last week and LOVED it. She was so nervous the first day about trying something new, but after that there was no looking back. She will be in the dance class offered for home schoolers this fall. The big plus of this class is that it is during the day. I'm so hesitant to start giving up evenings when we are home as a family.

There's a window so parents and siblings can watch. I need to say that Josiah and Anna were golden. No running around craziness. Anna watched a lot. Josiah, well, he had my phone at his disposal.

I mentioned last week that we have swimming pool. The pool is a lot of fun, but I've decided that it is a lot like snow. It's very exciting and lots of fun, but the fun only last a relatively short amount of time and then there are wet footprints through the kitchen and piles of wet clothes and towels. And then I just get everything cleaned up and they want to go back out to swim again!

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