Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Water Day

 It's been interesting to notice how much more time I feel like I have now that school is over. Education takes a lot of time and energy! I have a list of projects that I want to complete. Only one has been crossed off, but I feel like I'm getting so much done. Today was a beach day. It was hot and the sky was blue. A great day for water!

All 3 of the children want to be in the water all the time.
 When Janell and her girls got there it was all the better for my kiddos. Janell doesn't mind being in the water. I'm wimpy. I think it's cold and I don't really like wet sand all over me. Janell's girls agreed with me so we exchanged children as much as we could.

Janell's girls were clinging to her for dear life and Anna was grabbing her hand to go out deeper!
 A few minutes later Meghan and her boys arrived. We all ended up in the water.
 This afternoon it was hose water for entertainment. Josiah thought he should wash his Gator. I had to take pictures to put beside pictures of him washing his car in 11 years or so. He was careful because he didn't think water would be good for the battery.
 He wanted a picture with his clean Gator.
This little boy is going to come up with the hard questions! As we were riding across the ferry he said, "Mommy, how does the ferry stay on top of the water when it is so heavy it should sink?" Mommy came up with an unintelligent answer. She will remember to bring it up at the supper table so Daddy can answer. =)

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