Saturday, May 11, 2013

Family of Fisherman

My Dad is the Grandad who gives each of his grandchildren a fishing pole in the hospital the first time he sees them. He grew up fishing with his dad and brother and I remember being on the water at a very young age with him when we lived in Florida. When my uncle visits from New Mexico it means a fishing trip is on the agenda.

This time Dad chartered the Karen Ray II out of Crisfield. It's one of his favorite boats. The boat was filled with my Dad, my Grandad, my uncle, Jeremy, Josiah, Brian, Caleb and Jeff. I was approached with the possibility of Josiah going along a couple weeks before the trip. It took me a few days to wrap my head around that one! They go 2 hours out in the bay. They get up before dawn to leave the dock at 6am. I knew that it was the chance of a lifetime for Josiah to go. Only family on the boat and it turned out to be a perfect weather day for fishing. We ended up having to sortof tell Josiah that he WAS going. He needs some encouragement to try new things sometimes. I'm so glad he went. From all the reports it was an amazing day on the water.

The little boys had to help their Daddy's reel. You'll see...the fish were huge!
When Josiah got home, he came running to me saying, "Mommy, I caught a huge whopper!"
They caught Rock Fish and all measured 38-40 inches.
My Uncle Jay from New Mexico.

The captain brought his dog along for the day. My children have an irrational fear of dogs. So Josiah had a bit of a rough start. I overheard him tell Aliza that Caleb protected him from the dog.

My Dad couldn't have been happier fishing with his Dad, brother, son, sons-in-law and grandsons. I'm pretty sure this is as close to heaven for him as he can get on earth.

Everyone slept on the ride back to the dock.

I packed Josiah all kinds of food to eat on the boat and he ate next to nothing so he was quite grumpy when he got home. He was really funny describing the fish wiggling and squiggling after they were caught. He wasn't sure he wanted to even get close to the fish for pictures.
Unfortunately Brian missed the picture--he had to pick up his family for supper.
The men cleaned those fish in short order and Mom and I packaged them for the freezer. Wow! We have a lot of fish to eat. 

Mom served my Gramma's traditional post fishing trip meal. Fried fish, boiled potatoes with brown butter, corn, and rolls.

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