Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Day of Strawberries

This was strawberry day. We picked 4 gallons of strawberries in about an hour. I had some good helpers. One helper preferred to empty my bucket into hers to keep hers the fullest! We walked to the end of the field. There were so many ripe berries and we were away from anyone else in the field.

Chrissy came along with us. Her original purpose to was to help us (and take pictures), but she ended up picking a bucket of berries also. When Chrissy decided to pick, I found a perfect berry to give her since this was her first strawberry field picking experience.

Anna enjoyed eating.
Aliza tasted a strawberry and lost her top front tooth in the process! She was pretty surprised. The tooth is in the field somewhere so she negotiated for a daytime tooth pay off. Aliza has 3 more very loose teeth!
Meghan and boys also picked strawberries. Caleb and Josiah. I'm not sure how much picking actually happened...

Then it was time to carry our 4 buckets all the way to the front of the field. Josiah carried his as far as he could.
And then I carried all 4 buckets the rest of the way. It was a lot of berries!
After picking those berries we came home and I topped the first gallon. When Anna didn't fall asleep at nap time and I realized I needed a new blender we made a quick trip to Walmart for a blender. I then made 6 batches of jam, cooked supper, educated Aliza, washed an absurd amount of dishes and put everyone to bed (Jeremy was away that evening). I felt very industrious--and very very tired!

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