Monday, April 1, 2013

Joy Dare::March

166. 3pm quiet time
167. "What is in the heart is what the heart knows."

168. Celebrating my brother's birthday at Mom and Dad's house means I don't have to cook supper tonight!
169. A bald eagle sitting beside the road and flying in front of us.
170. Brother and sisters giving good night hugs and kisses.
171. Giving thanks while laying between my girls--waiting for them to fall asleep
172. Two braids tied with ribbon
173. Birthday lunch with Mommy and "the girls"
174. Warm coats
175. An early start to the day--hard thanks
176. 3 helpers in the grocery store--hard thanks
177. Supper helpers
178. Children's enthusiasm for morning
179. Found: the first bloom
180. Broom and dustpan
181. A nephew napping on my shoulder
182. Parents with children grown to look up to
183. "Amazing grace in your self-talk--makes everything amazing." Ann Voscamp
184. Decorated birthday cakes
185. Meals I don't cook
186. Groceries bought and put away
187. Birthday party anticipation
188. Welcoming Grandma and Grandpa and Joel and Brandi
189. Open doors
190. Happy husband going golfing
191. First sermon notes
192. Brother bringing sister flowering weeds
193. Our families singing Happy Birthday in lovely harmony
194. Aliza reading to a feverish Anna so I could get dressed
195. Holding a sick little girl all day
196. "If we pray the work...if we do it to Jesus, if we do it for Jesus, if we do it with Jesus...that's what makes us content." Mother Teresa
197. Very dark, gray clouds
198. Remembering the baby I got to hold and take care of last summer--on his first birthday
199. Sunlight while I cook supper
200. Time to relax in the evening
201. Toys in surprising places
202. Sliver of moon
203. Holding hands
204. Blessed Be the Name of the Lord played over the speaker in the restaurant
205. Friday--Daddy came home from work early.
206. 3 children swinging golf clubs
207. Picking up the children from a slumber party with Grandma and Grandad
208. Family meeting
209. Spending time at the park with new friends
210. Found a missing library book!
211. Learning about money
212. A surprise covering of snow this morning
213. Making a choice to smile at my children--who are particularly whiney
214. The change in energy when Daddy comes home
215. 3 meals
216. Cookies and milk
217. Blowing bubbles in chocolate milk

218. Read a magazine
219. Josiah discovered he loves pumpkin bread
220. Great big snowflakes--on the first day of spring
221. A daughter who stays awake until I come home
222. Talking while a friend cooks for me!
223. Daffodils along the road
224. The boy who got sick in the car had a bucket beside him and used it.
225. Helped someone who has helped me
226. Making a daughter's dream a reality
227. Dinner with the Heslop ladies and "the girls"
228. Waiting
229. Brandi ready my thyroid scrapbook and told me she cried often--a sister of the heart
230. Reminders that the most important accomplishment of the day is nurturing and teaching your children
231. The way the house lightens when the sun comes out from behind a cloud
232. Winter--almost gone
233. A husband who can fix the noisy fan on the school computer
234. Smooth sailing school day
235. Learning to say: supercalifragilisticexpealidoshous
236. Noticing buds on trees as I'm driving
237. "Mommy when we say thank you to God we should raise our hands as high as we can and shout THANK YOU GOD so everyone hears." Aliza
238. Spring decorations remind us of new life
239. Stopping to contemplate Jesus' death with Aliza
240. Muscles feeling used
241. A friend sharing coupon purchases
242. The first golf tournament of the year--hard thanks
243. Uncovering areas of lukewarm faith in me
244. Heard my children singing in church
245. Woke up with Scripture going through my mind
246. Jesus is alive! Josiah was singing the Ron Kenoly just before he fell asleep tonight.

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