Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekend Moments

I bought frozen wild blueberries for Jeremy to use for smoothies. Anna got into them and found that she LOVES blueberries. She greeted Grandma and Grandpa looking like this.

Blowing dandelions

Josiah really enjoys when Daddy builds cars with him.

A literal tree hugger. Aliza heard us talking about this tree dying and needing to be cut down. She was so upset. She's named the tree Abigail.

Crooked, fake smile and all. I think he's a cutie.

Learning to catch.

I heard so much laughter and giggling while they were playing catch with Daddy.

Hymnal for the digital age?! The computer used to project song words was forgotten so Jeremy emailed the list to my phone and Grandad scrolled through. It made me giggle. I can see it though--worship leaders emailing song lists to congregation.

Grandma Karen managed to get them to smell the crab apple blossoms for a picture.

Waiting for the Alice in Wonderland Ballet to start.

This is where Aliza sat during the entire ballet. She doesn't like the fold up chairs. She is sure they will fold up on her and squish her. I was tempted to be annoyed and then I remembered there are only so many more ballets that she will want to sit on my lap.

It was a colorful, fast moving story. I really enjoyed it.

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