Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Leap In Learning

Along with 4 other families, we took a field trip to Barnes & Noble where we got a Store Tour. After learning about how the books are organized in the store, what the store sells, how books are received and prepared to be put on the shelves, the children did a scavenger hunt. Aliza paired off with another girl her age and the lady leading the tour stepped in the help them. I was then free to take Josiah and Anna back to the Thomas the Train table to play. When they finished the scavenger hunt the other little girl told her mom in front of Aliza that Aliza reads really well. Apparently that was just the confidence boosting compliment that Aliza needed.

I picked out a paper back book for each of the children because what good is a trip to Barnes & Noble if you don't bring home a book? Aliza was thrilled when I showed her the Lego Friends book I picked for her. She read the whole book by herself. For the first time she was distracted by the book and didn't want to do anything else before she finished it.
And then Aliza had her first lesson in cursive writing. This was a "pre test." In other words Aliza has only seen the letters demonstrated. I was impressed with her first try!
It's a common theme for me recently...I see my kiddos growing up.

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