Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Joy Dare::September

703. A consequence turns into a game
704. Conversation with Gramma about gratitude
705. Rest time
706. Gift of artwork (from Josiah)
707. Random "I appreciate you" text from Jeremy
708. Anna joining in the pretend games
709. "The God of Angel-Armies is always on our side" (a line in a song)
710. We are only expected to handle one moment at a time.
711. Change of season in the air
712. Sticky fingers from big lollipops
713. Seeing my Mom and hearing my Mother-in-Law's voice
714. A gentle breeze through open windows
715. The children soooo excited to see and play with Uncle Joel and Aunt Brandi
716. My brother to give a hug to
717. Learning to pray thanks instead of just begging for what I want in a situation
718. Last beach trip this summer
719. Visiting with Karen and Brandi too late last night
720. Sliver of light in the sky and then it disappeared behind a cloud
721. New tree climbing skills
722. Chat with my Texas brother-in-law
723. Their perspective in the midst of a devastating situation
724. Aliza changing her attitude
725. Leaves starting to fall
726. Hot water for a shower
727. Eggs cooking for breakfast
728. A friend engaged
729. More important than a clean house is a close family.
730. New Bible study classes and Aliza has one for her age!
731. Struggling through the first kindergarten reader
732. Knowing when it's time to stop
733. Arms reaching to be picked up
734. Art therapy
735. Chick-fil-A for lunch complete with balloons
736. Relaxed after an evening out
737. Aliza's hug when I tell her I like her first thing this morning
738. Dinner with Jeremy
739. My children don't want me to leave--and don't want me to come back
740. Copying words with magnet letters
741. Learning to fly kites
742. Completely unexpected gift
743. New sheets. Makes him feel grown up and says he doesn't need to lay with him anymore.
744. Most perfect day to be outside--the boys burned brush, Aliza and I took a walk
745. Josiah so excited to give birthday gifts to his cousins. Even a truck of his own for each of them
746. Just down time with my sister
747. A boy and his Daddy golfing
748. Aliza faithfully completing her homework for Bible study
749. Smell of smoke from burning brush on a crisp cool evening
750. New Lego incentive charts brings fresh motivation for young learners
751. Monday after a relaxing weekend
752. Invention of CDs
753. Erasing scribbles from Aliza's Bible study book--put there by a younger one
754. Sisters singing after the lights are out
755. Family evening at home
756. Helping in the children's class at Bible study
757. Taking a break from school and learning jazz steps outside
758. Admission fee handed back to me
759. My arm in a ridiculous position because a child wants to hold it while they fall alseep
760. Actually hitting golf balls
761. Squirrels gathering chestnuts
762. Very laid back bedtime since the children are just enjoying each other's company
763. Evenings outside
764. Taking a snack to my Mom at work just because I could
765. Learning in a group
766. Visiting with Phil and Linda
767. Ice cream after church
768. Women older than me to gather wisdom from
769. My husband beside me
770. An aunt to call and talk to
771. Visiting with my Mom over tea
772. The first pumpkin recipe of the season
773. Aliza holding pleasant conversation
774. Staying calm through temper tantrums
775. Josiah wanted a picture with Daddy before he left for an overnight trip
776. Slumber party with Aliza complete with whispering, giggling and reading
777. Snacking on Hershey's Pumpkin Spice Kisses
778. Flashcards
779. Daddy had fun golfing and a safe trip home!
780. A perfect day for a walk
781. An afternoon playing with cousins and some needed talk time for the Mamas.
782. Cookies and milk
783. School finished for today
784. Conversations with Moms during dance class
785. A little girl so tired even after nap time
786. A box just the right size
787. Special delivery
788. Husband scrubs the kitchen
789. Legos at the library
790. Naps in the car
791. Sitting outside to enjoy the WV evening and sunset
792. Red shoes with glitter and heels
793. Golf clubs just the right size
794. Sisters
795. Sun sparkling on the water
796. This little guy's birthday party and cake all over him
797. Watching the horses
798. An outdoor "office"
799. Text conversation from faraway friend to brighten my day
800. Seeing my sister surrounded by community at her church bridal shower

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