Thursday, October 17, 2013

Picture Perfect

The morning dawned overcast, foggy with rain in the morning forecast. For fear of dressing three children for nothing, we opted to reschedule our photography session. Two hours later the sky cleared off and it was obvious it wasn't going to rain so with some quick texting our session was back on only half an hour later than scheduled. Thinking I had some "extra" time this morning we were taking it slow and easy. I kicked into high gear and got everyone dressed and out the door in half an hour!

You can't see in this picture that I have on, oh maybe 3 or 4 inch, heels. My children are dressed up with warnings to not get dirt on the--brand new--clothes they are wearing to my sister's wedding next week. For good measure I carried a pair of flip flops with me because I was quite certain I was going to need to be chasing somebody around and the heels just weren't going to work for that. Past photography session drama can haunt a Mama!

I didn't need to chase anybody! Our children were cooperative and smiling and looking angelic. We could have quit taking pictures after 10 minutes and had good ones. It made me giddy (oh the new possibilities!) on one hand and on the other hand I wanted to cry (my babies are growing up!).
Let me tell you, as fun as this picture perfect look is it is only a moment in time. Yes, it is a beautiful moment and one that I will cherish forever.

Josiah was done after that first 10 minutes until we found him some water, a stick and seaweed...then Laura got some real smiles! And after that we changed clothes and we headed off--barefoot--down the trail. This is where we ended up. Feet splashing in the water. It can't be the middle of October!!

I decided a treat was in order so it was lunch out at their favorite--McDonalds. Not only McDonalds, but eating inside the restaurant. I decided I would take the risk and go for it. Would you believe they sat and ate their lunch quietly, without standing up on the booth bench? And then they played for a little bit in the play area and when I said it was time to go they left without complaint.

If I was giddy before I was really giddy now! Then I came home and saw the picture posted on facebook and I couldn't believe how big my children look and I shed a few tears while I just sat and stared at my family. How can I be so lucky to be the Mom of that family?!

We had one more hurdle left in the day. I'd made appointments for us 3 girls to get our hair trimmed in the afternoon. I'm took everyone with me to the salon for the first time. I had to wake Anna up early from her nap. Aliza got nervous when we pull in to the parking lot. But guess what!? We were there for almost an hour and a half and I didn't have to correct behavior one time. Granted, it was a new place and Anna was uncertain and Josiah had my phone. But that's a long time to just hang out.

I was flying high when we got home just before supper! Oh the possibilities of things we can do! IF this is a new trend and not a chance occurrence...

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