Sunday, October 6, 2013

Little Girl Growing Up

It felt like a monumental shopping trip. The goal was to purchase a dress for Aliza to wear to her Aunt's wedding later this month. A dress that Aliza and I both agreed made her feel like a princess going to a ball. This was the first time that I took Aliza shopping knowing that we were going to have to go to multiple stores to find just what we were looking for. She wore her red, glittery heeled shoes for the occasion and we set out. Oh yes...we took my Mom along. I needed some moral support and an extra pair of hands and eyes to keep things moving fast! =) We had to explain to our little shopper that we had a goal and needed to stay focused. Aliza said focus wasn't her thing. Believe me, it isn't!

At our 4th store and after lunch at Panera, we found the perfect dresses. One for the wedding and one for church. Aliza put those dresses on and she grinned and twirled and started dancing. She didn't want to take them off.

Then we found a perfect fancy headband.

And then we looked and looked for shoes and finally found black, glittery shoes with a heel. While I was standing in line to pay for those shoes my eyes got teary, realizing we crossed into new territory. I was buying a full blown outfit for my daughter, according to her approval, and oh, this is one shopping trip of many, many to come.

Aliza put her dresses and shoes on to show her Daddy. She posed and grinned and he didn't let her down. She got her Daddy's approval and affirmation that she is pretty. Before we took the dress off, Aliza confidently says that she is going to be the most beautiful one at the wedding. I don't tell her that the bride gets that status for the day.

No matter what 7 year old girl should know in their heart that she is beautiful...and that her Mommy and Daddy KNOW she is beautiful.

I took a picture in the dressing room, but, of course that doesn't do it justice. So I'll share pictures after the wedding.

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