Friday, October 25, 2013

For My Sister

Janell told me that I let her down this week. She checks my blog when she turns off her alarm in the morning and there was nothing to greet her.

Goooood Morning, Janell! It's time to wake up and get our little sister married!!!!

Janell is just plain amazing. The 4th of us 4 sisters is getting married tomorrow. Janell has taken each of our preferences (that includes her own wedding) and decorated the church and reception hall for us. Janell and Mom have everything organized and I help out and do what they tell me to the day before the wedding. Against my judgement I'm writing this at the end of our decorating day. I'm tired! I know Janell is even more tired! But everything looks awesome.

The sofa in the church foyer needed a haircut.
The reception is going to be lovely. Things were just starting to come together when I took this picture.
Tonight was the rehearsal dinner. The groom loves all things Scottish and his Mom decorating was just perfect.
Soup, sandwiches and cupcakes hit the spot.

Anna with her Grandmas. We are so happy to have Grandma and Grandpa here to help us out tomorrow.
It's time to rise and shine, Janell! One more time to get hair and makeup done and put on pretty dresses to walk down the aisle in support of our sister and to remember our own wedding vows. Oh yes...and to see our sweet kiddos and nieces and nephews walk down the aisle together.

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