Sunday, October 20, 2013


We really enjoyed the fall decor at Oakley's Market this year. I didn't feel that great. I think it's allergies. Sinus pressure that makes my eyes feel so heavy I don't want to keep them open. There were 3 kiddos that really wanted to pick pumpkins so off we went. It was unanimously decided that we would do the Corn Maze first.
It was nice to see evidence of plentiful rainfall this year. One year Jeremy and I could easily see over the top of the corn stalks. This year the corn was tall with full ears of corn.
Our leaders kept running ahead! It worked out though, Jeremy and I didn't have to hit any dead ends. =)

The littlest leader got tired of running and needed to be carried.

Aliza wanted me to go down the slide first. Not a problem except that I slid right off the end of the slide. Surprised me!

Josiah was our leader in the pumpkin patch. He picked out the vintage green John Deere wagon and opted for the part of the field where the pumpkins were still attached to the vine.
The vintage wagon did not accommodate a rider. The wagon bent and sat on the wheel and it would not budge. 
Josiah wanted a BIG green pumpkin. It started raining and he was still looking and walking farther down the field... We didn't get too wet and he found just the one. Now he is curious if it will turn orange.
We came home. I made lunch and I could hardly wait to crawl under the covers for a good long nap. That's exactly what I did and I felt so much better when I woke up!

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